Network and service assurance of ICT in transport

Transportation services for passengers and goods rely heavily on your critical communication and IT infrastructure. With comprehensive monitoring and assurance, you contribute to the safety of passengers and the timely delivery of goods.


UMBOSS addresses these challenges in the transportation industry

Umbrella monitoring of the whole ICT infrastructure


Umbrella monitoring of all transportation-supporting networks and IT systems is always a challenge.

Assurance of digital services in transportation


Service-level assurance is needed to understand how well digital transportation services operate and to fix them quickly.

Monitor mobile access infrastructure


In the railway sector, seamless monitoring of mobile network system like GSM-R, LTE-R and future FRMCS is necessary.

Support for business customers in terminal buildings


Business customers in terminals are pivotal for delivering excellent services to your passengers and customers. Ensuring efficient digital services for them is in your best interest.

Ensure high accuracy of resource inventory data


Your resource inventory is available, but it’s uncertain if the data is correct and up to date. Reconciling inventory data with real-world data is a priority.

Need for geo-redundant monitoring system


When critical communication systems need to be monitored, geo-redundancy is a must.


UMBOSS is a perfect fit for IT organizations in the railway, airport, and other transport sectors

Umbrella network and IT assurance

Unified management of consolidated and contextualized network and platforms health data help reduce time to respond to issues, resolve issues more quickly, improve overall uptime and performance of the whole network and data center infrastructure.

Accurate and up-to-date resource inventory

With UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation, your inventory becomes accurate and up-to-date. Assurance processes become streamlined and asset management processes improve significantly.

Autonomous assurance of digital services

The quality of digital transportation services is improved, and issues are resolved more quickly with automated remediation triggered automatically. This leads to increased satisfaction among passengers and business customers.

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What our
clients say

The excellence of the data center and corporate communication services we provide is of paramount importance. With UMBOSS, we have consolidated and streamlined our assurance processes, both in the core and access network, as well as in the data center.

Vladimir Olujić

CTO Databox

Our B2B customers are a key focus area within our telecom. Assuring the technical excellence of the services we provide is a distinguishing factor for us. UMBOSS is the key technical component that helps us achieve our goals.

Mario Klarić

Head of Operations Support Systems at A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

Making sure that our manufacturing processes run smoothly is a critical aspect of our daily operations. UMBOSS provides us with an umbrella view of our network and IT infrastructure’s health and allows us to react promptly and assure that all IT services work well.

Zoran Ljubić

IT Director, NEXE Grupa

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