Use case

Data center environmental monitoring – prevent disaster

Learn how UMBOSS consolidates alarms and performance data from environmental sensors, HVAC, power supply, and access control systems, all with the goal of enabling timely reactions to issues like power outages and environmental degradation.


Facility emergencies are so much fun – NOT!

We all have faced it. Power outages and equipment overheating are at the top of the list for any telecom or enterprise IT when technical issues arise.

A power outage makes you nervous as you rely on your UPSs, fixed power generators or mobile power generators that your teams have to place, connect and turn on before the battery runs out.

Persistent overheating, high or low humidity and dust particles shorten the life of the equipment you paid so much for.

Physical security is also of paramount importance. Do you want just anyone opening rack doors without your knowledge?

Manage the environments of your Data Center and Points of Presence (PoP)

Establish monitoring of environment variables, power supply and access control and set yourself up for success by getting an alarm when something might go wrong.

UMBOSS is built with an umbrella concept in mind. Besides monitoring usual stuff like network and computing equipment, protocols, and services, it is built to consolidate alarms and performance data of environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, particle concentration), HVAC, power supply and access control systems.

UMBOSS is especially applicable for power outages. When an alarm is raised indicating a power outage in a PoP, you immediately jump to location view and then access the UPS’s performance data. You have a clear indication of the remaining battery time and can call upon your field operations team at the right time to bring a power generator, connect it and turn it on in order to prevent your PoP from shutting down.

Imagine getting a warning alarm for the air temperature in one of your PoPs within the UMBOSS alarm dashboard. The alarm is enriched with location data and by simply clicking on the link you jump to location view. There you have access to the performance data of all environmental sensors, and comparing with other alarms at the location you can identify the source of the problem.

You can even get an alarm for an unauthorized rack door open in your data center. The alarm is indicated on the UMBOSS alarm dashboard in the Portal. Click on the link in the alarm and then jump to the location view where you have access to the room’s camera.

Key strengths of UMBOSS for DC and PoP environmental management

Alarms and performance data enriched with location information
Three clicks away from any alarm to environmental, power/cooling and access control data
Location view displays humidity, temperature and allows access to the camera
Performance data provides insight into trends of key environmental indicators and enables proper estimation of future threats
Different KPIs can be defined, for example to calculate power/cooling efficiency of the room
Reporting capabilities allow for successful planning of power/cooling expansion

Check out these benefits

Avoidance of any critical network/computing outages
DC/PoP environment under control
Timely reaction to environmental degradation
Proper physical access control
Better planning through KPIs and reporting

Interested in discovering more?

You can read all you want about UMBOSS, but the best way is to experience it through a demo.