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Network Device Management

Inventory system for physical, logical, and virtual resources and network topologies.

Assurance can’t work without network resource inventory

When monitoring data cannot be related to any resource, such as a network device or topology, assurance becomes impossible. The location and isolation of faults are too slow, and response and repair times are too long!

Resource inventory is missing


Having a spreadsheet with list of equipment is not an inventory. Nor can it be used for assurance. Inventory is a must.

Multiple unrelated inventories


Having one part of your network in one system, and the other in EMS makes assurance process a nightmare.

Manual mapping of alarms to resources


With no automatic mapping of alarms to resources you spend time to localize the problem and delay problem resolution.

No topology-based troubleshooting


Just one bad example: overutilized L2 link is the cause of the problem, but you can’t tell as there is no visualization of topology overlapped with performance data.

Service impact analysis is a dream


With no resource inventory in place, you cannot tell what resource caused the service to be down.

Poor resource health reporting


Creating a top N report of any kind is merging availability data with the inventory. In absence of one, the reporting is off the table.

Our solution

Network resource inventory that supports assurance


Active network equipment details

Network Device Management (NDM) stores it all: chassis, module, and interface, including data on device name, DNS name, type, description, IPv4/IPv6 addresses, reference designator, vendor, PN, SN, HW version, SW version, firmware version, role, operational status, or any other custom parameter.


IP addresses and interfaces

IP addresses are a must with mask, associated interface name, alias etc. Interfaces are described with administrative and operational status, description, alias, types, speed, MAC, contracted speed, etc.



Any network, SAN or other type of topology can be documented. L2, L3, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS and any others are stretched to physical and logical devices to allow reconciliation and use in assurance processes. Network Device Management (NDM) provides schematic and geographic views.


Data import and export through integration

Equipped with powerful API, Network Device Management (NDM) is used to reconcile the data with UMBOSS ADM, synchronize data with 3rd party inventories. It can also import or export inventory data or data can be added and updated manually.


Essential network statistic dashboard

Network Device Management (NDM) displays essential statistics of number of devices per role, location, number of devices recently added. Custom reports can be created to support daily operational tasks.


Key benefits of the Network Device Management module

Inventory supporting assurance

With NDM you are equipped with the resource inventory that is fully focused on supporting assurance processes in your NOC.

Simple yet powerful

NDM’s generic resource model allows it to store any network, any topology, any system. It is completely vendor agnostic.

Fully integrated with UMBOSS

NDM supports assurance operations through its complete integration with all UMBOSS components.

Out-of-the box enrichment

Once NDM is populated with the right data, enrichment and contextualized assurance works out of the box.

Network topology visualization

NDM facilitates network and topology visualization enriched with alarms and performance data.

What our
clients say

The excellence of the data center and corporate communication services we provide is of paramount importance. With UMBOSS, we have consolidated and streamlined our assurance processes, both in the core and access network, as well as in the data center.

Vladimir Olujić

CTO Databox

Our B2B customers are a key focus area within our telecom. Assuring the technical excellence of the services we provide is a distinguishing factor for us. UMBOSS is the key technical component that helps us achieve our goals.

Mario Klarić

Head of Operations Support Systems at A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

Making sure that our manufacturing processes run smoothly is a critical aspect of our daily operations. UMBOSS provides us with an umbrella view of our network and IT infrastructure’s health and allows us to react promptly and assure that all IT services work well.

Zoran Ljubić

IT Director, NEXE Grupa

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