UMBOSS modules


Give consolidated data context with resource, service, and customer information and provide engineers with tools to assure it all.

Does your NOC/SOC suffer from screen overload?

When each team has its own ICT domain with a separate NMS or element manager, there’s no way to display all health and performance data in one place and manage it in a unified way. A 360° view portal makes it happen and a fast response to any situation becomes easy.

All screens red, and you have no clue what’s wrong…


Put all alarms from all ICT domains on a single dashboard portal and manage them in a unified way.

Operational and management reporting is a nightmare…


Correlate alarms across domains to describe complex alarm configuration with only one meaningful alarm.

Where is this alarm located?


Enable alarm enrichment to learn all about an alarm’s origin and retrieve all data needed for troubleshooting.

No forensics without consolidating all history data


Store all history alarms from all systems in one place so nothing hinders the forensic analysis.

No single dashboard for alarms and performance data


Centrally manage all alarms: acknowledge, change severity and priority, update the alarm journal, and access a knowledge database – all from one place.

Don’t know which customers have what services and where?


Ensure your umbrella system understands who your customers are, what services are provided to them, at which locations, and who is impacted by a fault.

Our solution

Life is easier in the NOC and SOC with the Portal


Single pane of glass - consolidated data dashboards

UMBOSS’s intelligent 360° view Portal provides insight into network and IT health and performance with various dimensions: event and alarm dashboards, custom dashboards with gauges, tables, graphs, and performance-specific data dashboards.


Integration with external systems

The UMBOSS Portal utilizes integration point adapters to access data from currently used IT, BSS, and OSS systems. It features a powerful search engine across all data sets that significantly reduces the time NOC engineers typically spend collecting relevant data before troubleshooting can begin.


Powerful reporting

Operational and management reporting is made easy, whether scheduled or ad-hoc, pre-defined or parametrized. Significantly enhance the efficiency of your NOC and SOC while saving time. Customizing reports in WYSWYG fashion is a simple task with UMBOSS.


Troubleshooting and automation tools

Assurance is all about acting on detected and isolated issues. UMBOSS’s automatic remediation capabilities significantly reduce manual work of NOC engineers. Embedded and customized actions can be started when a certain faulty condition is detected to initiate simple or more complex remediation procedures.


Resource visualization

The UMBOSS Portal visualizes your network devices, L2, L3, OSPF, BGP, SAN, and other topologies, either schematically or geographically. There’s a geographic heatmap of locations with alarms that displays traffic links colored by their load. Free-hand topologies are created using UMBOSS's web based easy to use editor. Altogether this makes ICT data come alive.


Customer and service views

The UMBOSS Portal is for resources and services. The customer view displays customer data, customer and resource-facing services, service status, service locations, and all other data needed to manage services effectively.


Key benefits of the Portal module

Single pane of glass - 360° view across all data

Filter and display all network, IT infrastructure, services, customers, administrative and other data present in one GUI, just the way you need.

Unified management

Manage event, fault, performance, service, and service quality data from the same user interface.

Integrated troubleshooting

Transition from the heatmap to identify the fault and affected device with just two clicks. Then diagnose and start necessary remediation with the Tools section.

Rich dashboards

Visualizing data to effectively monitor the health of ICT is straightforward. Dashboards are customizable and can be shared among engineers.

Reporting made easy

Focus on ensuring that everything works fine, not generating alarms. This is where UMBOSS excels.

What our
clients say


The excellence of the data center and corporate communication services we provide is of paramount importance. With UMBOSS, we have consolidated and streamlined our assurance processes, both in the core and access network, as well as in the data center.

Vladimir Olujić

CTO Databox

Making sure that our manufacturing processes run smoothly is a critical aspect of our daily operations. UMBOSS provides us with an umbrella view of our network and IT infrastructure’s health and allows us to react promptly and assure that all IT services work well.

Zoran Ljubić

IT Director, NEXE Grupa

Our B2B customers are a key focus area within our telecom. Assuring the technical excellence of the services we provide is a distinguishing factor for us. UMBOSS is the key technical component that helps us achieve our goals.

Mario Klarić

Head of Operations Support Systems at A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

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