Hybrid data center monitoring and DCIM

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) encompasses inventory, assurance, and processes. With UMBOSS and its partners' software solutions, you can efficiently manage your data center infrastructure, optimize expansion planning, and offer premium services to your customers.


UMBOSS addresses these challenges of data center operators

Umbrella management of all data center systems and services


Having all infrastructure, health, performance, and service data in one place is key to efficiently managing your data center.

Ensure high accuracy of DCIM data


Understanding what equipment is in the data center is key to efficiently managing it.

Capacity management based on real-world data


Understanding how to expand the capacity of a data center is challenging without real-world, measured historical data.

Preventive maintenance to preempt faults


Forecasting historical performance data and using it to anticipate pending faults is key to preventing unwanted disruptions.

Autonomous remediation


Systematic monitoring of all data center alarms, correlating, and determining root causes is great. However, what you truly want is the system to automatically apply remediation when a faulty condition is detected.

KPI and operational reporting


Management requires regular reports on data center status. The ability to generate reports effortlessly and consistently is key to freeing up time for operational tasks.


UMBOSS is an assurance system for DCIM

Umbrella infrastructure assurance

By unifying management of consolidated and contextualized data center infrastructure health data, UMBOSS can reduce response times to issues, resolve them more quickly, and enhance the overall uptime and performance of the entire data center. DCIM data accuracy is improved through discovery.

Data center service assurance

Data center services quality is improved, issues are fixed faster, assurance processes improved. Satisfaction of customers is higher resulting in less churn and more up-sell, x-sell and acquisitions.

Autonomous assurance ops

Enabling autonomous remediation leads to shorter outages of data center infrastructure and services, enhancing satisfaction among both customers and engineers managing the data center.

UMBOSS Brochure

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What our
clients say

The excellence of the data center and corporate communication services we provide is of paramount importance. With UMBOSS, we have consolidated and streamlined our assurance processes, both in the core and access network, as well as in the data center.

Vladimir Olujić

CTO Databox

Making sure that our manufacturing processes run smoothly is a critical aspect of our daily operations. UMBOSS provides us with an umbrella view of our network and IT infrastructure’s health and allows us to react promptly and assure that all IT services work well.

Zoran Ljubić

IT Director, NEXE Grupa

Our B2B customers are a key focus area within our telecom. Assuring the technical excellence of the services we provide is a distinguishing factor for us. UMBOSS is the key technical component that helps us achieve our goals.

Mario Klarić

Head of Operations Support Systems at A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

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