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Performance Management

Consolidate network performance monitoring from all your domains and manage the performance of your whole ICT infrastructure from a single place.

End-to-end performance insight is mission impossible?

When each ICT domain has its own NMS or element manager, it becomes challenging to gain insight into the performance of your entire ICT infrastructure. Troubleshooting performance issues, detecting anomalies, managing capacity, and other activities becomes nearly impossible.

Performance data scattered across various systems


Consolidate all performance data in one umbrella system and manage them in a unified way.

Where is your performance calendar view?


Quickly locate performance degradation in the past and provide the right feedback to your customers.

Thresholds must be set for each domain separately


Consolidated performance data allows you to set thresholds, execute baselining and configure anomaly detection in one system.

Are consolidated performance dashboards a dream?


Create dashboards that display performance graphs and calculated KPIs from different domains in a single view.

Capacity management is separate for each domain


Get early warnings on capacity exhaustion, trending, and capacity usage reports in a consolidated way.

No correlation of various threshold violation alarms


Correlating cross-domain alarms with threshold violations is the key to detect faulty conditions and fix problems fast.

Our solution

Umbrella network performance management done right!


Any collector, any vendor, any domain

The UMBOSS architecture enables the consolidation of network performance monitoring from various domains, including the mobile network, fixed core and access network, corporate communication network, data center, and more. Data is polled or received from any number of NMSs and element managers provided by any vendor.


Management of all thresholds from one place

UMBOSS is aware of all devices and performance data, facilitating the configuration of thresholds, anomaly detection, and other features across all ICT domains. This includes any metrics and KPI groupings, all managed from a single system.


Advanced network performance management functions

Network performance monitoring data is inherently enriched by inventory and other technical and administrative data. This enables forecasting, trending analysis, overlapping graphs, fetching calendar views, and various other actions for each performance metric and calculated KPI.


Cross-domain performance data dashboards

Performance data dashboards allow the display and comparison of metrics and calculated KPIs in a single view to immediately detect any anomalies and trigger manual or automated remediation actions.


Capacity management made easy

UMBOSS's unique combination of consolidated and enriched network performance management data, AI/ML-driven forecasting algorithms, and thresholds allows for early warnings about capacity exhaustion and the generation of reports on capacity usage for all resources across all domains.


Assurance processes triggered when needed

UMBOSS is an assurance product with the inherent capability to initiate external assurance processes. Any threshold violation or detected anomaly generates an alarm that can be set to initiate automation. This automation can remediate the situation using well-established traffic and load engineering methods or initiate processes associated with future capacity exhaustion.


Key benefits of the Performance Management module

All performance data in one spot

Network and IT engineers manage performance of the system in one tool thus saving time compared to situations with several unrelated monitoring tools.

Fast insight of performance data

Advanced processing and storage of high volume of performance data from different domains allows for fast retrieval, visualization, and analysis.

Detection of degradation and automations

Threshold violation, anomaly, or correlation of the detected degradation and an alarm helps pinpoint the root cause and initiate remediation.

KPI calculations made easy

With visual KPI editor one can define any KPI calculation formula and apply advanced performance management functions, like forecasting, to it.

Impacted customers and services

Performance data and any degradation is automatically associated with customers and their services in case the affected devices or functions are associated with them.

Unified capacity management and planning

Forecasting, reporting, capacity utilization alarming all help manage capacity across all domains and facilitate a proper capacity planning.

What our
clients say

The excellence of the data center and corporate communication services we provide is of paramount importance. With UMBOSS, we have consolidated and streamlined our assurance processes, both in the core and access network, as well as in the data center.

Vladimir Olujić

CTO Databox

Making sure that our manufacturing processes run smoothly is a critical aspect of our daily operations. UMBOSS provides us with an umbrella view of our network and IT infrastructure’s health and allows us to react promptly and assure that all IT services work well.

Zoran Ljubić

IT Director, NEXE Grupa

Our B2B customers are a key focus area within our telecom. Assuring the technical excellence of the services we provide is a distinguishing factor for us. UMBOSS is the key technical component that helps us achieve our goals.

Mario Klarić

Head of Operations Support Systems at A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

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