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Slika Slika

Forge stronger business bonds with solutions that deliver real value

UMBOSS's referral partners serve as its best ambassadors. By connecting the right product with the right customer, you not only create value for everyone but also fortify your network.

Be a trusted advisor to both the customer and UMBOSS
Make connections and facilitate the transaction
Get rewarded with a stimulative commission
Elevate the relationship into a long-term strategic business

Extend your portfolio with UMBOSS’s functionalities

UMBOSS's reseller partners utilize UMBOSS as one of its pillars for creating an offer that is both unique and addresses the exact challenge that customers are having.

Licenses, deployment, commissioning, and M&S services provided to the end customer on your behalf
Stimulative partner license discount starting at 30%
Provide an all-encompassing solution combining UMBOSS with BSS solutions, hardware-based solutions or simply add value to an already operating ICT solution

Craft a solution that aligns customer challenges, UMBOSS, and your own expertise

UMBOSS's value-added reseller (VAR) partners leverage UMBOSS along with other software products and their extensive expertise in the field to create tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Licenses provided by UMBOSS, but professional services are provided by yourself, fully or partially
Stimulative partner license discount starting at 30%
UMBOSS engineers are always available as a backup if anything goes wrong
Develop and provide custom developed code incorporated in UMBOSS

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Benefits of becoming a partner


Strengthen customer relationships

UMBOSS always delivers the right value for the customer and the trust between the customer, partner and UMBOSS always gets stronger.


Create value for yourself 

Regardless of the partner type, you always create value for yourself: more know-how, more technology in your portfolio, increased revenue. 


Educated salesforce 

UMBOSS provides “rookie assurance” education to make your sales force experts in the field of network and service assurance and understand precisely how to understand customers’ challenges and what solutions to offer.


Trained solution managers 

UMBOSS provides training in designing UMBOSS-based solutions. We help solution managers understand how other parts of management software and equipment work together with UMBOSS to produce the right software solution.


Trained and certified engineers

UMBOSS deployment and integration training will enable your engineers to deploy, integrate and commission UMBOSS-based solutions. All trained engineers are certified to ensure customers that they can rely on your tech team. UMBOSS company will always be there to support both the partner and the customer.


Become an UMBOSS trainer

Once the solution is delivered, the customer must be trained as both a user and an administrator. UMBOSS delivers all the materials and training instructions to make that happen.

Words from our partners


Assurance projects are essential for telecoms that strive to provide high quality services to their customers. Together with UMBOSS, we create an assurance solution that covers it all: residential, business service assurance, as well as the assurance of core, access, and mobile networks.

Neven Stipčević

CTO, Bulb

We are focused and dedicated to helping telecoms in Indonesia provide superior service to their customers. UMBOSS is an important component in delivering a solution to telecom operators and continues to deliver premium support that addresses all issues effectively and on time.

Harris Chandra

Deputy CTO, Lintas Teknologi

Kontron solutions drive digitalisation of key transport infrastructure for more reliable decision making and improved security. The flexibility of UMBOSS and the multitude of possible applications of UMBOSS allowed us to win very complex RFPs by creating comprehensive management and notification solutions for the railway communication systems.

Borut Jarc

Executive Director, Business unit Transport

UMBOSS Partner Program Brochure

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