Use case

Continuous scanning assures network monitoring

When sanity checks, such as scheduled network scanning and reconciliation, are in place engineers can rest assured that all devices added to the network are monitored and accounted for. Find out how tools like UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management (ADM) module make this happen.


No, you’re not imagining things…that device was just added without consent

When the network you are responsible for is constantly changing, it’s logical to implement change management processes. But enforcing them is a whole other ballgame – as you can never be sure that people are following the procedures.

Regardless of the constraints imposed by your change management software, it’s always possible that someone will place a new device, configure it any way they want and ultimately plug it in your network. As usual, no one will be aware of the new device, its importance, or operational role within your network and organization.

The only way out of this situation is to have sanity checks in place. These checks regularly scan your network for newly added and removed devices, reconcile discovered data in resource inventory, and automatically provision the new devices for monitoring.

Feel confident with scheduled discovery and reconciliation

Scheduled network scanning and reconciliation of network devices and topologies with automated provisioning to fault and performance management is crucial for assuring the whole network is monitored.

The UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation Management (ADM) Module provides the capability to automatically discover network devices and topologies, and reconcile the discovered data with both resource inventory and fault and performance management.


Diagram showing how the UMBOSS Automatic Discovery and Reconciliation module works

Key features of UMBOSS ADM from a monitoring perspective

Scanning and discovery of the whole network detects new and disconnected devices
Job scheduler for discovery ensures regular sanity checks
Granular discovery operations allow some scans to be performed more frequently than others
Reconciliation policies for automatic execution saves time for manual reconciliation approvals

No more head-scratching with these benefits

No device left without monitoring
Monitoring starts immediately upon discovery
High-fidelity of network and service assurance processes

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