Use case

Boost telecom B2B sales with your OSS data

Did you know that you can leverage UMBOSS to enhance your telecom B2B sales? This use case discusses how you can use OSS data to reach this goal.


B2B sales are the forefront of your telecom’s reputation and success

Technology and sales departments rarely work well together. Two separate worlds with two different mindsets. However, good cooperation between the two is crucial for a telecom’s success, at least when B2B fixed and cloud business is concerned.

When service outage and degradation hits you …

For instance, when there is service degradation or an outage, the business sales team needs to know what is going on and what steps are being taken to fix the situation. Consequently, B2B account managers will not avoid answering a customer’s call because they are informed and can provide the right information thus mitigating complaints more easily.

When people working in network and service operations put themselves in sales’ shoes, it immediately becomes clear that an account manager’s success must be supported by appropriate data. Surely some of it can be extracted from your OSS.

Extending the contract …

Let’s look at another example: a sales executive getting ready for contract extension. Their usual fear is down-sell, yet access to OSS data really helps in this case. Sales departments can easily identify what resources (e.g., VPN or Internet links, virtual resources, PBX trunks, etc.) are being heavily utilized and propose expansion. Availability reports can be analyzed to detect sites with frequent outages and thus propose more reliable access technology or a higher-level SLA contract.

Back up your B2B sales with UMBOSS data

UMBOSS, an umbrella OSS solution integrated with BSS, can help with these types of situations. It’s a perfect source of information for sales, providing information on:

  • all enterprise customers;
  • their services and billing statuses;
  • tickets, alarms and performance data;
  • local, regional or global outages and degradation.

Since it can be integrated with CRM and/or sales force automation software, notifications can be easily pushed out, making sales people aware of all the critical events that influence their customers.

For instance, during a regional outage, NOC staff can quickly invoke the UMBOSS function that generates a report with customers, locations and services that are down and push the report as a notification into the CRM, call center application or simply e-mail it to all salespeople concerned.

Through reporting capability, one effortlessly provides sales with information on historical service availability and its usage. This comes in very handy for sales when they are planning to call or visit a customer.

If data cannot be visualized within a sales-force facing BSS application, simply grant sales teams access to the UMBOSS Portal (limited to essential functions) and they can grab the data they need for their job.

Benefits of using UMBOSS for B2B sales teams

Lower customer churn rate
Increased conversion rate
Better mitigation of customer’s complaints
Informed sales communication with customers
Targeted price quotes for service up-sell and x-sell

Interested in discovering more?

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